Monday, May 07, 2007

Day 6. What I learned in school.

It's not me, after all. It's the copy machine.

Fire alarms do go off during tutorials (the 45 minutes before school) and everyone still has to go outside.

A fire alarm during tutorials does not exempt you from taking the exam you were in tutorials getting help for in the first place.

Pre-AP Physics doesn't remember how to use a protractor any better than the regular level class did.

They listen to me! They really do! Some of them more than others...

Junior boys will giggle at their images in convex mirrors. They'll also crowd ear-to-ear to try to see each other in the same mirror (these mirrors are at most 3 inches in diameter).

Some paid attention, some didn't. Some did the homework, some didn't. Some tried, some didn't. Quiz grades ranged from 100 down to 10.

I'm going to need a large box of red pens.

Ms. S's multiple choice test questions are harder than the questions involving calculations.

I can go a long way on one "Thank you for helping me" from a student.

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