Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Wand Chooses the Wizard

Isaac has his new flute.

This has been almost 3 months in the was SUPPOSED to be for Christmas, but we couldn't get the suggested meeting set up between us, his private lessons teacher, and teacher's preferred resaler of flutes, a lovely lady named Luisa.

Luckily, we caught Luisa this weekend...she's about 8 3/4 months pregnant, and if we missed her now, who knows when we might have actually been able to meet??

The flute-trying and flute-buying was quite an adventure. It took place in our dining room this morning, and involved Isaac (and his music stand and several pieces of music) and Mom (who held the checkbook and was the final authority on decision making, for what that was worth) and Mr. F the flute teacher who is hyperactivity itself, but charming, and Luisa the flute specialist (and her unborn-yet-very-evident baby) and Luisa's husband, who came along to carry the BIG BAG-O-FLUTES and drive because Luisa can't fit behind the wheel any more.

It took about an hour. I'd given Mr. F a price range, and of COURSE, he and Luisa stretched the limits on that, and of COURSE, price unseen, the most expensive flute we saw today was the one that "sang" when Isaac picked it up. Of course.

Afterward, Isaac said "It was just like shopping for a wand in Harry Potter. The Wand chooses the Wizard".

And so it did.

He has solemnly vowed that he will play the flute for at LEAST another year or two, and Mr F gave him some explicit instructions on care and handling of his Beautiful Instrument (only take it to school for lessons and concerts...practice it at home, but play your beginner flute at school...and if anyone asks "Can I hold your flute?" tell them "NO!!" and send them directly to Mr. F for a discussion) and I have listened to him play several times today, and it was worth every penny.

Pearl flute Model 695 with C-sharp trill key and D-sharp roller key, for anyone who knows flutes.