Saturday, May 10, 2008

Waffles #9 - Pattern available for download

A pdf of the pattern can be downloaded here.

Intended for personal and charity use.

For free distribution only.

I Love my Students...

Sometimes they play RIGHT into your hands...

Brenna is a dance team star, cute, bubbly, and so BLONDE it's not even funny. No offense intended to anyone blonde, but the term is commonplace and gets the point across...

She's struggled all year to maintain 70-73 grades so she stays eligible for the dance team. She's a busy, busy, busy young lady, and Physics just isn't at the top of her priority list.

However, this final 6 weeks, dance is winding down and somehow, circuits and electricity have caught her attention. Three-week progress reports were just mailed, and she came to class yesterday practically screaming. "Mrs. G!!! Do you KNOW what my progress report said??? 95! Ninety-five!!!"

I said that yes, I did know that, and congratulated her.

Then...I wish I had this on tape. She turned around to the rest of the class and said...







"Just SEE what happens when you do all your homework?!?!?"

Friday, May 02, 2008

Waffles #8 - All Done!

And here's the finished product.

If you have a picture to share, please post a comment with a link, and thanks for playing along!