Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Day 3. What I learned in school.

My possible class assignments for the fall. I am still processing this information.

The band is going on a trip.
The English classes are going on a trip.
The Seniors are going on a trip.

Alternative Classroom students get weekly visits from their classroom teachers. I'm still deciding if this is an incentive or a deterrant to being placed on AC status.

There are too many people in Pre-AP Physics. Just because there are chairs empty does not mean there is still space in the class. Not that class.

How to sign up for a computer lab.

"Last summer when I was fishing" can be applied to any class. I do not fish. This could be a problem.

There are only 16 days of school left (and I may well be the ONLY person who didn't know this).

The biology department is short on preserved minks.

A 20-year-old garage sale lamp makes a great visual during a discussion of total internal reflection.

At first glance, many students will assume that said lamp is a Van De Graaff generator.

A child who has missed 3 days of school CAN catch up in one class period if motivated. Another child will take the 3 missed days as an excuse to give up on the rest of the term.


Sherilyn said...

Preserved MINKS? Cats aren't good enough anymore?

LOL! Who knew? Minks, the latest thing in dissection.

Liz said...

Heeeeeey, I know that lamp. One of my best purchases ever, if I may say so.

(preserved minks? hee hee!!)