Thursday, May 03, 2007

Day 4. What I learned in school.

There's a full sized statue of Dobby the House Elf in the library.

No matter how many students successfully print their simulation graphs, someone will not be able to.

No matter how few students need to print their simulation graphs, at least one will not work.

There's a certain prestige to being known as "that teacher with the pink calculator". I didn't even mean to get a Barbie Pink TI-84 when I bought it, but it's gotten a lot of attention. No one steals it, either.

Students do cheat on exams, they do get caught, they do swear at teachers, and parents do get called.

It takes about 100,000 Joules (100 kJ) to heat up the water for a cup of tea.

Where the printout ends up when you choose "Science office". Not on the printer in the science office.

A lot of forgetting has happened since students first learned to use protractors.

A well-timed conversation with an athletic coach can work wonders for certain students' behaviors.

Snell's Law really works. I don't remember ever doing the neat Snell's Law Lab...but I have now!

There's a lot of experimental error introduced between using a 1/8 inch mirror and using a 1/4 inch mirror. Be ruthless. Grab the thin mirror first.

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