Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Day 2. What I learned in school.

"A thing" that does "something" is not a valid test answer.

Low doorsills + heavy rain = live frogs in the hallway.

The importance of keeping students honest in the computer lab with occasional spoken checkpoints ("You should be drawing your diagram on part 7 by now").

Do NOT bring the jacket to the computer lab. All of the cold air stays in the science wing.

The stapler in the teacher's lounge doesn't.

Burnt gummy bears smell like burnt marshmallows.

Where the two nearest copy machines are.

Both microwaves in the science work room cannot be run at once.

If you smile at a child, the odds are good that he will smile back.


Julie said...

Dare I ask how the gummy bears got burnt?

Anonymous said...

Jean, looks like you're moving blogs! I was looking for your no gauge, no swatch mitten pattern for my next CIC project. Do you still offer the pattern? Thanks!


Jean said...

The gummy bears got burnt in a demonstration showing activation energy...much fire in a test tube and a fair amount of smoke in the room, I'm amazed that the fire alarm didn't go off!

Sherie, check your e-mail