Monday, December 11, 2006

Sleep in Heavenly Fleece

There you have it. Open the windows in the morning, count sheep at night.

Isaac has a long history of being a shepherd in Christmas pageants. Before he was a shepherd, though, he was a sheep.

He must have been three years old and that year, I was directing the Sunday School program. Costumes, lights, rehearsals and scripts for the characters who had speaking lines. Feeling a bit left out, I suppose, Isaac finally suggested to me that HE needed a script.

"No, you don't", I told him.

Yes, he did.

"No, you don't...all you say is 'Baaa', and you say that quietly. You don't need a script".

He drew himself up to full sheepy height and said "I DO need a script! If I don't have a script, I might just say "MOOO!"

I like that. A sheep who knows what he wants, and goes after it.

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Julie said...

Love it! Sounds like something my children would have done at that age. My now-14-yr-old was an angel in a Christmas musical at age 3 or 4, and apparently the halo (metallic garland encircling their heads) was itchy ... so he reached up and moved it back & forth a few times to relieve the itch. I think it ended up around his neck.