Saturday, December 02, 2006

Best laid plans

If the Advent calendar with the pictures is better than the Advent calendar with the verses, what is better than the calendar with the pictures?

The Advent calendar with the chocolate, of course.

We have rather more of those than we need this year, due to a complication in November. Dave "needed" a chocolate calendar for a coworker (something to do with a spinoff from last year) and I said "Sure, I'll get one for you before the end of the month". I decided to go for the upper end quality (a full 8 ounces of chocolate in 24 days!) and ordered online. To make the shipping worthwhile, I ordered 4. Then I waited.

And waited.

When my shipment had not arrived by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, we had to put Plan B into effect. We tried a large holiday store downtown; surely THEY would have chocolate calendars. They didn't.

We tried a specialty candy store in a shopping area nearer to us. Not only did they not have candy calendars but the whole shop had disappeared without my notice. We finally found a chocolate calendar at a discount import store, and while it was "OK", it wasn't as nice as I had hoped we could get. Dave took it to work and the joke was a success and the next day a shipment of 4 Advent calendars appeared on the porch.

Sometimes you can plan all you want to and things still go awry.

Chocolate, anyone?


Liz said...

Oh hey, I know this calendar. It's sitting on my microwave right now. I like the naughty weasel in the tree.

I didn't realize when they got here that the chocolates were individually wrapped. Expecting the usual plastic tray of candy molds, I took them out of the package and felt all the chocolates rattling around and thought to myself, "Oh no! all the little chocolate popped out of the tray in the mail and are running around loose inside the calendar!"

Matthew Sachs said...

>All the little chocolate popped out of the tray in the mail and are running around loose!

Everyone out of the house! Now! *pumps shotgun* It's chocolate time.