Sunday, January 08, 2006

Using up some heavy sock yarn

Even lightweight wool socks are too warm for this part of Texas, most of the time, so when I had 2 skeins of "Big Mexiko" (heavier weight) sock yarn, I knew I was never going to turn it into socks. I decided to see how the "self striping" aspect would work if I used it on a toddler sized sweater. Not that I have any toddlers or even know any whose moms don't already knit for them. I figured I could always give it away.

I also wanted to try one of the "no seams anywhere" neck-down patterns. This was a good excuse, and knitting something small would be quick.

Of course, 2 skeins wasn't enough, so I ordered a third one, which would SURELY be plenty. It wasn't, so I ended up ordering a 4th. This turned it into a fairly expensive toddler sweater that I hadn't even planned to make.

If I did this again, I'd use a solid color for the front/neck bands.

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