Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Boyfriend Sweater

Despite the stigma attached to knitting a sweater for your boyfriend, this one worked. I made it for not-yet-husband Dave for Christmas of 1981. We were married in summer of 1982, so maybe the fact that we were already engaged cancelled the Boyfriend Sweater Curse. I don't know. Just know that the sweater and the husband are still both around.

I know the folklore about "always knitting an error in the design". You're not perfect, only God is perfect, don't tempt the fates, etc, etc. I don't believe I've ever had to put that error in "on purpose". It always seems to find me anyway. What I didn't count on was having the error show up in the closeup pattern photo, too. There you go. Proof positive. I'm not perfect.

Aran weight wool.

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