Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Juvenile Storage

I love "Target". If Target doesn't have it, I probably don't need it. (Except for knitting supplies...they aren't too hot on knitting supplies. But everything else). Still, I was a bit disconcerted the last time I was there to see a large sign advertising specials on "Juvenile Storage".


Didn't know I needed someplace to store my children. They have bedrooms, one each, and they seem to be doing pretty well with those. Perhaps I should look more closely into these boxes or closets or what-have-you meant for Juvenile Storage. Could I close and lock them when I was tired of dealing with the kid? Put them neatly away at the end of the day, folded and with all the parts in order? Perhaps a unit with refrigeration, to extend the sweetness of life with an 8 year old boy, or maybe the model with built-in filters to deal with pre-teen eye-rolling and any whining left over from earlier years?

Juvenile Storage. What a concept.

Nothing, however, compared to Feline Storage.

You can't buy that. You can't build it, plan it, ordain it. The Feline will decide.

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Kaye said...

There's a box underneath my bed. A Christmas present had arrived in the box and I had shoved it under the bed until I had time to wrap it.

One of my cats discovered the box a few weeks ago. I have packing peanuts all over the place now!