Monday, April 28, 2008

Waffles #6 - Collar

From the last set of instructions: Sweater is inside out, ready for 3-needle bindoff at right shoulder.

Left upper front is removed from holder and ready to be worked. Yarn is joined at neckline.

34 neckline stitches picked up, ready to work collar.


Knit 3 rows even.

Increase row: Increase 3 stitches, evenly spaced. In other words, increase one stitch at each shoulder and one stitch at the center back.

Repeat these 4 rows twice more. 43 stitches total.

Knit two rows even.

Bind off all stitches.

Take a moment right now to search out a tapestry needle and weave in all of the yarn ends so far. You'll feel so efficient and when the sleeves are done, the sweater will be DONE.


Anonymous said...


I'm loving this pattern. I'm knitting on size 10 needles and the sweater is turning out to be a toddler 2. I'm eagerly awaiting doing the sleeves. You're instructions are so easy to follow.


Kathy said...

Today I posted a picture on my blog of my Waffles For Brunch sweater to show my progress. Thanks for designing such an attractive little sweater, and a fun knit,too. This is the first KAL I have participated in.