Thursday, April 24, 2008

Waffles #4 - Front to Neckline

Upper back with stitches divided for shoulder, back neck, shoulder. Yarn is saved at left shoulder for grafting shoulder later.

Yarn is joined at right underarm. The first row worked on the section will be a "wrong side" row.

You will begin the pattern stitch with row 5. Work back and forth for 11 rows, ending with pattern row 3.

With right side of front facing you, work 12 stitches in pattern, place marker, K 16 stitches, place marker, work 12 stitches in pattern.

Keeping the side panels in pattern stitch and the center panel in garter stitch (K every row), work 9 rows.

With right side facing you, work 12 stitches in pattern, slip marker, K 7, cross the next two stitches, K7, slip marker, work in pattern to end of row.

(To cross stitches, remove the first stitch from the left hand needle, hold that stitch at front of work, knit the next stitch, replace the first stitch on the left hand needle and knit it. You have made a mini "cable twist").

Place the first 20 stitches on waste yarn or a stitch holder. These will be worked as the left upper front later. Work will continue on the remaining 20 stitches to form the right upper front.

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MrsFife said...

Hi! Thank you for this great knit-along. I'm having good fun and have caught up with you so far. And now I'm in suspense, waiting for the next instalment. I wonder if I'll have to cut the yarn and rejoin at the second set of 20 stitches? Or do I knit across the first 20, then slip them to a holder? Oh well, I think you will reveal all soon enough :)