Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Some gloves, a kid and a cat

This month, CIC is calling for fingerless mitts to warm the hands of the patient caregivers in the orphanages. There's a great pattern up right now at

I had my yarn, I had my needles, and in no time at all, I had knitted a pair of soft, warm, bright red fingerless mitts. I tried them on myself, and my wrists and hands rejoiced. Yes, these are a classic. Warm and toasty on 2/3 of the hands, with fingers free to type, write, wipe noses, cut sandwiches. I would certainly knit more.

I was not pleased to find that Alex, age 18, ALSO liked the mitts. Not only had he tried them on (OK, so they stretch a lot...just not sure they are meant to fit adult male hands!), but he discovered that the CATS loved being petted with the furry hands, too.

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