Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer 2010 Mystery Mittens and Hat - Clue 6

Don't be concerned if your stripe pattern doesn't match up with mine at the thumb stitches. The photo is of a prototype - the number of rounds got tweaked in the final pattern.

Download Clue 6 as a pdf here


PurlingPenny said...

Hi, I've really been enjoying this KAL... thanks for all your work in doing this! One question for the mitten decrease, should the pattern read knit 8, k2g four times rather than three as we have forty stitches on our needles. Thanks again

Ruth said...

Thanks, Jean, I really enjoyed this KAL. I was part of your snowman KAL and just happened to run across this one around clue 3. So far I've made two sets (all but the thumbs of one set) and may make another. They're rather addicting!