Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Favorite Class

Welcome back. The status chart tells me that I have "followers". To my followers, my apologies. What can I say? I've been busy.

The second year of teaching. It's night and day different from the first. It's better, no question. I know what's coming, sometimes. I have lesson plans, and even when the lesson plans are sketchy, I have ideas. Things I can fall back on when things get hectic.

I'm no longer "The new teacher". Students and parents both appreciate that, but then, last year I tried desperately to downplay "the new teacher" role, so there were plenty who never knew. This year, I have no excuses.

And with experience comes...commitment. Without trying, I find myself on 2 committees, coaching an academic event team and co-sponsoring an organization. I just THOUGHT my Saturdays were going to be mine after my own classwork was over...

As a parent, I've considered the question "Which child do you love the most?". Of course, there's no answer, but I do like the quote I picked up somewhere..."I love the child most who needs me the most". It changes from year to year. Sometimes, from day to day.

And so it is with my classes. Which one is my favorite?


Let me tell you about 3rd Period.

They're my favorite class.

They're easy to love. That's the "Honors" class. It's filled to the rafters (next year, can there PLEASE be two sections of Honors?) with the brightest and most motivated. They love a challenge, they want to succeed. They do the homework, they study for exams. Many of their parents have contacted me during the year, and then, satisfied that I'm at least minimally competent, have sat back to enjoy the ride with me, with their children, with my students.

There are 5 girls in 3rd period. And 20 boys. How did that happen? Despite the gender disparity, we survive. We laugh a lot, and I roll my eyes some days when the silliness gets out of control and they know I love them anyway.

They read the textbook, they read the assignments, they read the instructions, and when they question me, it's because they truly want to understand.

They're easy to love. With them, I am an education genius, I am a success. I make them look good, and they make me look good.

It would be easy to say that they are my favorite class.


Nicole said...

I'm one of your "followers" and quite happy to see you show up on my Google reader tonight. :) Glad to know this year is going so well. It was nice to hear a teacher's perspective on the honors classes - DD was always in those, and loved her teachers so much. Must be a great environment for everyone.

Julie said...

I think all 6 of my classes think they're my favorites. I do generally have the college-bound kids. I wish they would do their homework. They still haven't connected not doing homework with not knowing how to do questions on a test or quiz. But I will say I agree with you completely on the 2nd year being better because you at least have something to fall back on, and sometimes know what's coming! Have a great rest of the school year.