Saturday, September 29, 2007

Carving Out Time

"They" warned me. "They" said that first year teachers were risking losing their own identities. Every waking moment would be school, school, school. There would always be one more thing to organize, one more lesson to plan, one more item to cross off the list.

They counseled me to keep on carving out time for friends, family and hobbies.

They were almost right.

On the second day of school, back in August, teachers were asked to tell their classes about their outside interests, and I showed off my knitting, talked about sock construction and told a little bit about the charity group for which I knit. My students were either somewhat interested or very polite...

Last week, I realized that the second day of school had been the last time I had knitted any rows, rounds, even any stitches. I made time that same evening to finish off the stocking that had been sitting since late August, and made sure I found 10 minutes of knitting time every day since them.

"They" should be proud.

Socks in photo are August/September CIC contributions.

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Julie said...

Me, too! There have been many no-knitting days, but I realized very early that I could easily spend all my spare time on lesson planning or course work for my alternative certification. I have been trying to do at least a little bit of knitting every day. Not so much blogging, though... You have at least found time to keep up with that better than I have.