Thursday, March 01, 2007

For Sandarusi, Wherever He has Wandered

Strange, the things that become part of the family lexicon. "Sandarusi's Law" is a family staple.

J Sandarusi was one of my classmates way back (WAY back...) in high school. Bright, funny, clever, and definitely going places, he and I were in many classes together. Exotic, too; he was the only person I knew back then who was Lebanese. He had a lot going for him, but just like other teenaged boys I have come to know and love, common sense was not his strong suit.

"Sandarusi's Law" was generated one day in Honors Chemistry when he reached out and picked up a test tube only oh, so recently, removed from the general vicinity of the Bunsen burner. Yes, he dropped it. Yes, it broke. And thus spake Sandarusi:

"Damn! Hot glass looks just like cold glass!"

Truer words, as they say, were never spoken.

Sandarusi's Law has become a family catch phrase, invoked when the obvious is ignored and disaster ensues.

I have recently begun a journey of discovery, working toward a teaching certification in the state of Texas. Imagine my surprise when I found that Sandarusi was, perhaps, ahead of his time.

State of Texas
Science Grades 8-12
Domain 1 - Scientific Inquiry and Processes
Competency 001 - The teacher understands how to select and manage learning activities to ensure the safety of all students and correct use and care of organisms, natural resources, materials, equipment and technologies.
III. Safe and Proper Use of Equipment and Supplies
B. Glassware
10. Very hot glass looks like cool glass.

Thanks to Sandarusi, that's one area in which I find myself fully competent.


Julie said...

Maybe Sandarusi grew up to be the guy who wrote those guidelines ;-)

Anonymous said...

love this idea. Sandarusi may enter our home as well.

:) nyc8675309

Anonymous said...

Aha, J Sandarusi showed me this post this morning. Yes, it is definite I did marry this J Sandarusi. There is no mistaking the definition.

He resides in Houston, TX and now there is another generation of Sandarusi males making their way through chemistry class.