Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lemon Scented

There are things that seem to be a good idea at first glance. There are things that look so "right", until you think about them for a moment. So correct, until one puts them into practice.

One of these things is "Lemon Scented Paper Towels".

There they were, in the vast array of paper towels available at the local HEB. The price was right (they were on sale!), the quality appeared to be on par with any paper towels I ever purchased, and how could I argue with a pretty lemon print design? The fact that they were "lemon scented, right down to the roll" seemed fine. I had visions of wiping my kitchen counters and leaving that fresh lemon scent behind.

I bought the roll.

Thank the powers that be that I only bought ONE roll.

I hadn't really thought too much about all the OTHER ways we use paper towels. Besides wiping the kitchen counters.

For your edification:

Tortillas, placed between paper towels and microwaved to heat do not benefit from artificial lemon scent.

Sausages, hot and sizzling from the pan and ready to drain on a paper towel-lined plate need no lemon essence.

The cat does not appreciate her food dish set out on a lemon scented place mat.

Vegetables patted dry with that extra dash of lemon need to be rinsed and dried again.

Chicken parts patted dry are better off left plain.

Lemon paper reacts strangely with butter when greasing the pan for Rice Krispy Treats.

No one at our house requested Citrus Krispies. Nor will they again.

- - - - - - - - -

The roll is empty now. The trash can smells interestingly of lemon.

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Sherilyn said...


I bought a package of odor shield, freshly scented kitchen trash bags once. Figured it would help with trash can odor, right? ugh. Maybe it is because I have an unusual trash can...wooden with a heavy wooden top that does a pretty good job of shutting in the odors, so maybe it trapped the scent in there too much, but when I'd open the lid, it smelled like I had left a chicken carcass in there for a week. It didn't take long for me to buy new trash bags! I still have the scented ones and use them when I am going around the house emptying trash cans or when I am going to immediately throw something out, but the theory of scented trash bags was much better than the practice.

Kinda like lemon scented paper towels...and at least now we can guess why they were on sale, LOL!