Wednesday, May 10, 2006

His Brother's Keeper

My brother and I are close to six years apart. While we lived in the same school district during our entire school careers and had a few of the same teachers over the years, with the exception of the year I was in 6th grade and he was in kindergarten, we never attended the same school at the same time.

My sons are two years apart. They are breaking new ground for me in this department. They have very different friends and different interests, but that doesn't keep them from looking out for each other. More precisely, it doesn't keep THEIR FRIENDS from keeping a close eye on the other one...and reporting back.

It's not just reporting, though. It's more like a quiz show, heavily prefaced by "It it TRUE that...?"

Isaac found himself in the woodwinds room, surrounded by a group of girls very interested in knowing the facts. "Was it TRUE that his brother was taking SN to the prom?"

When Isaac made the decision not to sign up for band again next year, Alex was grilled by band members in math class. "Was it TRUE that his brother was dropping band?". And even more disturbing: "Does you MOM know?"

I have to love the latest gossip. Over the weekend, Alex got a haircut. His hair had been near shoulder length, thick and extremely curly. He now has a cut that would pass muster at a military inspection. This is big news. Isaac should know...he's had numerous people tell him the latest. "Did you KNOW your brother got a haircut?"

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Diana Sioux said...

Jean, I can relate to this! If I'd been paying closer attention I would have known that my 8th grader got in trouble recently before he had a chance to tell me. I picked the 6th grader up right after school (the 8th had track). He said he'd gotten called into the office told that "someone" said he was taking pictures at lunch. (No electronics allowed.) He assured them he didn't even though "someone" had mentioned him by name. They believed him.

Had I been on the ball I would have realized it was probably 8th grader since he often took his camera to school to take videos for the coach at track practice. Sure enough. When I picked him up from track he told me he'd gotten detention for taking pictures at lunch.

Man, a boy just can't hide from his brother!